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How to Choose Diapers in Better Quality?

July 04, 2017

Nowadays, there are thousands of diaper brands widely solded in market, so there comes a question that how do we find the better quality to use or re-sell?

Here we share some points to help you find good quality diapers.

1. The Material

At present, the inner or outter layer are made of material in non-woven fabric, single hot air, double hot air, or three-layer hot air. Good quality diapers are in materials of double hot air or three-layers hot air. Diapers with hot air technology, are very soft.

2. The Velcro

The Velcro is divided into the front side and the back side. The Velcro in good quality has a very delicate structure, the paste is firm, not easy to loosen, and it can be reusable.

3. The Elasticity

Generally, the better diapers are elastic in the entire back waist, which is good for wrapping the baby's waist or buttocks. Poorer diapers have no stretch design, or only have a small amount of stretch on the sides of the Velcro.

4. The Breathability

Good quality diapers are more breathable, with thousands of ventilation holes designed. Even in summer, babies feel very comfortable and refreshable.

5. The Urine Display

Now most brands have added the urine display, but some cheaper and low-quality products still do not have a urine display function.

6. The Edge Finishing

The advantage of the edge-closing process is that the diaper is not easy to hang against the inner thigh of the baby, which is usually used on high-end diapers.

7. The Side Barrier

High-end quality diapers are with side barrier in 3cm height at least. Many factories did 4-5 cm or higher, and it will not leak urine even when the baby moves irregularly.

8. The Absorption Volume

According to the size of the diaper, add an appropriate amount of water to test, to see if it can be fully absorbed. Generally good quality diapers have a large amount of liquid absorption.

9. The Absorption Speed

This mainly depends on how long it will take for the diaper to absorb liquid and the surface layer will be dry, without reverse osmosis. The surface layer of diapers in good quality will be very dry, while the surface layer of lower quality diapers will be relatively moist, which will cause the baby's skin to have eczema and itching.

10. The Layer Structure

Good quality core structures are uniformly distributed, while poor quality core structures are unstable. After the baby moves, it will appear that some parts of the diaper are large, and some parts become small, which means that the structure inside the diaper also moves. As a result, the baby twists and turns when walking or crawling, which has an adverse effect on the baby's future leg growth.

If you are interested in premium diapers, you can send email to export@babidiaper.com , or send message to WhatsApp / Wechat / Telegram at 008615084780425. 

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