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Are diapers really important for babies How to choose diapers

December 05, 2022

                                                                                                                                              Are diapers really important for babies?


   I don't know if you have calculated, a baby from birth to 2 years old, at least 4,000 diapers, this is not counting the baby's diarrhea and other special circumstances of the increase, diapers as a major consumable for the baby, choosing a diaper suitable for the baby, is a problem for many mothers.

SecondlyHow to choose diapers?

  First of all, why does the baby have red farts?  On the one hand, diapers are not changed frequently, and the fart is kept in a humid environment, which is easy to irritate the baby's skin.  On the other hand, caused by skin friction, the texture of diapers is too thick or elastic enough, and the friction on the fart is large.

SecondlyHow to choose diapers?

1.     Choose a thin and breathable option.  It should be noted that breathability has nothing to do with thickness.  The thickness of diapers is mainly related to the core, the thin diaper core mainly uses polymer water absorption factor, and the thicker diaper core contains more fluff.  Therefore, choose a light and thin texture, fast heat dissipation speed, and many air holes.

2.     Look at water absorption and dryness. A large part of the baby's red fart is caused by diapers that are not dry enough, will reverse osmosis, and are caused by long-term contact with farts.  Choose polymer magic water absorbent beads to lock in a large amount of water and keep it dry without reverse osmosis.

3.     Look at the material.  Because of long-term contact with the baby's skin, diapers are not recommended to choose chemical fiber materials, easy to have formaldehyde, acrylic and other chemical residues, these chemicals on the baby's skin, have a certain damage.  It is best to extract natural plants, soft and skin-friendly and avoid red farts caused by friction.  Have product quality certificate and quality inspection report.

4.     Look at the size. Choose the right size according to the size of the baby,  the elasticity of the diaper, the size of the waist can not strangle the baby's belly.  Avoid rubbing to cause red farts.


Finally, How often do diapers need to be changed?  If your baby pulls stool, replace it immediately, no matter how much it takes.  General urine, diapers absorbency is good, and in a relatively dry situation, the baby does not feel uncomfortable, it is recommended to change every two hours.  It is recommended to wipe with wet wipes with super-warm water Mom should wash her hands to keep them clean and comfortable.

Therefore, wear a dry diaper for your active baby.  Multi-layer absorbers will be able to effectively absorb urine;  The elastic side is easy to move, the baby is so active, and the leg position is still comfortable to fit.  Breathable and comfortable,  not only to discharge hot and humid air, but also to allow air circulation, help the baby's buttocks dry and comfortable, and prevent the growth of prickly heat.  Take a look at it to know if it's time to change diapers and not interrupt your baby's play;  Natural plant-friendly skin layer to help protect baby's skin.  I chose Xinshihao diapers to make the way parents love their babies more meaningful.  Xinshihao is not only dry and comfortable, but also has multiple certifications.  More suitable for baby's skin, baby letters, mother rest assured.

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