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November 18, 2022

     Paper diapers are commonly used as daily necessities for infants. Dry paper diapers can keep infants sleeping all night. Among them, super absorbent resin (polymer sap for short) is an excellent material for making baby diapers, which is made of starch and acrylate as the main raw materials. The outstanding feature of diapers is that they can absorb water and store water surprisingly. It absorbs physiological saline 40~60 times of its own weight and purified water 50~100 times of its own weight. Therefore, children need not worry about wetting their pants when urinating. It will absorb all the urine that flows out.


      Therefore, although the air permeability cannot be compared with that of pure cloth, it is much better than that of "full version" traditional diapers. With the continuous improvement of the production process, the function of diaper has been improved from leak proof and urine absorption to both leak proof and breathable and urine absorption and antibacterial, and many functions such as flexible waist circumference and three-dimensional leak proof edge have been added. Modern diapers generally consist of three main parts: surface coating, absorption core layer and bottom cloth. The surface coating is close to the baby's body, which can promote the rapid penetration of urine and effectively prevent the back penetration, so as to keep the surface of the diapers dry.

     How to use diapers

     Before changing diapers for babies, adults should first clean their hands to avoid cross infection. After that, prepare new diapers, wet paper towels, hip protection oil and garbage bags, let the baby lie flat, open the diapers on the baby, clean the baby's hips with wet paper towels, remove the original diapers and apply hip protection oil to the baby. Open the new diapers, lift the baby's legs, spread the diapers under the baby's buttocks, then lay down the baby's legs to stretch the two ends of the wet diapers, press the edge of the diapers, pull the waist sticker, paste it symmetrically from left to right, press the waist sticker from above, and gently pull it up from the waist to the root. Use your hands to stroke a circle along your thighs to fit your baby's small buttocks. Do not put wrinkles inside.After the baby wears the diapers, pay attention to the tightness check. Generally speaking, it is better to hold one finger of the mother. Also, the waist of the pants should be folded outwards to avoid covering the navel, so that the baby can not be infected by the diaper when urinating and lead to the infection of the navel. When choosing diapers for your baby, you must choose the right diapers according to different seasons, baby's body size and age. Choose thin diapers in summer, and paper diapers with better breathability in winter. The size must be appropriate. If it is too small and tight, diaper dermatitis is easy to occur, and the baby is uncomfortable. If it is too loose, it is easy to leak.

       How to choose a good diaper

       1. Look at the appearance. From the appearance, good diapers are very clean and tidy, with clear patterns, smooth manufacturing process and no damage or stains.

       2. Look at the Velcro. It is a sticker wrapped on the baby's belly, which is firmly stuck and will not be opened easily. The sound of pulling is very small, and it is not easy to frighten the baby.

       3. Look at the absorption layer. The quality of absorbent materials directly affects the environment in diapers. You can pour a glass of water several times to see the speed and final capacity of water absorption.

      4. Look at the leak proof design. A good diaper can completely eliminate stool and urine leakage, but it will not be too tight. Especially when the baby is moving, if there is no side leakage, it is really leak proof.

      5. Check the package. It must depend on whether the production is normal, such as whether there is an executive standard number, production license number, production date, shelf life, etc. The more detailed the mark, the better

       6. It depends on cost performance. Because diapers are disposable consumables, cost performance is very important. We should not only choose affordable ones, but also ensure good quality.

       7. Check the air permeability. The main reason for baby's red fart is that diapers are impermeable, and the permeability mainly depends on the quality of non-woven fabrics. The diapers of the Children's Institute do a good job in this regard. They use nanoscale.


          Xinshihao is a diaper manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales, and a high-quality baby diaper manufacturer in Southwest China. After years of research and development, the product has obtained a number of national patents: Lithospermum oil diaper patent, fluff pulp diaper patent, fast absorption diaper patent, which has been highly praised and favored by customers since its launch. Xinshihao has been adhering to the business concept of "customer first, forge ahead" and moving forward steadily. "Seven color pig" also won many honors by virtue of good production technology and strict quality management. Pursue a higher quality production line with the self standard of "high quality, high quality and high requirements". 

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